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How to add music to Instagram profile?

How to add music to Instagram profile?

Instagram has activated the feature of adding music to our profiles. It will now play music along with our videos and photos for those who visit our profiles. So, how to add music to profiles, here is the answer…

Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms in the world, continues to innovate for its users. The feature to add music to the profile, which is one of the latest innovations, reminded us of MSN times.

How to add music to Instagram profile?

Adding music to the profile!

Now we will be able to share the songs we like with our friends and followers with the new feature of Instagram. So much so that this new feature will allow the user who visits the profile to see and listen to the music you choose under the profile title. Instagram reported that it started testing this feature in October 2022. After the tests ended successfully, the feature of playing music in the profile is now available to users.

Although this feature is new, Instagram users could do it themselves using some mods. These risky mods are no longer needed with this update. But in this feature, the selected song will not play, so only the selected intervals will play as in the stories. Selected tracks will be located under the biography section of the profile. When the visitor presses the play button, the selected interval in the track will be played.

How to use the feature to add music to the profile?

Before starting the application steps, check if the Instagram application on your phone is up to date. Outdated applications do not have this feature option.

  • Sign in to the Instagram app.
  • Enter the profile section from the menu at the bottom.
  • Click the Edit Profile button at the top.
  • Enter Music (add music to profile) among the options.
  • You can choose a song from the list or search for the music you like from the list by clicking the Choose a song for your profile option in the section that opens.
  • Set your favorite range of music of your choice.
  • After your setting is finished, click the confirmation button in the upper right corner.

Yes, you have now added the music you have chosen to your profile. The music you choose will be in your profile. The music does not start automatically, it plays when the play button is pressed.

If you couldn’t do these steps, check again if your Instagram application is up to date, as we mentioned at the beginning.

Here is how to add music to Instagram profile? We shared the answer to the question with you, you can do it very easily. Don’t forget to follow us, become a member, comment and share, as we will continue to update Instagram in the new year.


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